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The STC experts are here to make life easy for you with their in-depth knowledge of audio visual, information technology, engineering, and project management. STC has over 65 combined years of experience in the marketing place, from hospitals to corporate environment, faith-based facilities to major retail malls and financial institutions. Let our friendly staff serve you.


Our C.E.O.


With an extensive background in audio/visual and engineering services our Senior Operating Executive has a proven track record of driving revenue and profit growth.. Strategically focused exceptional leadership skills 20+ years of success and driving benchmark. Repeatedly produce sustained revenue and growth in a competitive and changing market of technology


Meet Our Technicians


Vaughn GatherCertified HCI Technician CTS (attending) AV lighting & IT Technician. With 13 years of on the job experience. All 13 years with STC. Attending CTS certification. Experience in installation and setup and a/v and lighting equipment from an Installation point of view or behind the desk. His skill set include and not limited to Speaker installation, cable and connector termination, the installation and set up of amplifiers and processors. Testing and balancing equalizers and processors.


Chuck Taylor - AV Technician: A wiring technician and in shop service repair technician. With 15 years experience, 8 years with STC. Expert technique as an onsite and offsite wiring specialist. His ability to service custom equipment repairs such as mixing console, LCD projects and LCD TV bring another level to STC. Certified HCI repair Technician CTS (attending)


Victor Bose – lighting System Installer, Rigger. With 20 year experience and 13 years with STC Eddie skill set is the down and dirty install of all equipment and wire on the client site. Either hanging speakers 20ft in the air or the installation of LCD projectors. This is our guy. Supported by Walter lee. All STC cable runs and the mounting or installation of equipment is addressed by Eddie Bowes. He is also the lighting specialist. From hang truss to install of dimmers and wall station.


Walter Lee – A/V installer – We call him the “Rigger”. 10 year of installation with STC Walter installs anything that requires hand over head in the air. From Speakers, LCD projects and LCD TV. He is also support by Victor Bowes and the Atlanta Rigging company.


Meet Our Engineers & Managers


Barry Murry – Bachelor of Science, Associate of Science in Electronics, CCNA Certified, Network + Certified, Certified Fiber Termination, PPM Certification (Attending Sothern Polytechnic University Project Manager – 25 years of experience, 10 years with STC. With 15 year of installation experience in Audio Video, Data, and Telecom. Qualification include but not limited to Quality Control over installation of cabling and equipment, staffing, team building, budget management , programming of devices and software, customer relationship on site.


Reggie Simpson – AV QC and production manager. A DeVry University Grad”25 years of experience. His job to coronate with the client before and after the install. His job is to insure that the client requirements are meet. Reggie insures quality control and quality funicationailiy of the equipment from an end user point of view and manufacture operation specifications. He makes sure we get it right.


Eldrige Harris – QC Test Engineer, Project Manager, AV / IT System Design Engineer – A DeVry University Grad with 19 years of experience. Eldrgie design integrated software for STC systems that will interface with AV equipment. His job insures that from a software point of view all devices communicate.


Theator Moet – AV project Manager – A Morehouse Grad. Lee brings 30 year of live production experience to the final piece of the installation of all STC installation. He files the gap between system design and the customer as the end user. For the last 12 year Lee insure from and STC design speciation that the equipment used on site from a processor and microphone point of view that the client will have the most current processors to ensure a smooth performance from the console position either FOF or monitors.


Shaw Thorn – Touch Panel Designer- AMX. With 20 years of experience and a certified AMX and Creston programmer.


Katrina Rice – Video Project Manger – A Graduate of Art Institute Of Atlanta. With 10 years of experience in the field of Video production system configuration base on broadcast and web base system.


Meet Our IT Network System Guru


James Conyers – IT System Designer engineer – A DeVery University with 25 year of Experience. Design and build computer hardware and software system specifically for AV applications.


Meet Our Acoustic and Sound Reinforcement Specialists


STC designs all systems in shop and rely on the support and professional relationship of Dale Benton and Benton Brothers. All install requiring acoustic paneling was provided by Benton Brothers. 15 years of installation with STC.


Meet Our Electrician


Thomas Martinez – Master Electrician. Thomas provides all STC power requirements on any job site. With 30 year of experience and holding a Master Electrician License we pull our own electrical permit to insure proper installation of electrical equipment and grounding. Working with STC since 1995.


Meet Our Custom Wood Work Specialist


George Malas – Carpenter and custom furniture. With over 30 year of experience and 8 years with STC. George builds 90% 0f all STC furniture for consoles and lecterns.


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