Services: Audio Video Streaming Services

Services We Offer. Find the Perfect Technology Solution for You! Together we will create an audio video service solution that is perfect for your organization. We offer in-house engineering, design, onsite consultation, project management, installation, repair, tech support, training and more. As you can see, STC truly is your one-stop technology resource! Click on the links to learn more about our services:

Services We Offer. Every client’s needs are different and that’s why we offer one-on-one consulting sessions in order to determine the best audio and visual solution for your needs. At STC, we will walk you through the entire process hand-in hand. From the beginning stages of engineering, to design and operation, we’ll help you determine the best solution for your requirements. We can also offer complete project management and on-site consulting, ensuring that all of your audio. Visual and communication projects are done right. An audio video service solution that works. Services: Audio Video Streaming Services
Engineering Design
Services we offer. Here at STC Audio Video, we have cutting edge technology that will analyze your facility for optimum results. Our state-of-the-art software eliminates any guesswork and ensures that your system is designed in a way that is right for you. We will implement the best possible solution for your audio, video and communications needs. You will know exactly how your system is designed with our computer generated diagram. While we pride ourselves on our state-of-the-art engineering and design, we’re aware that a well designed solution isn’t useful if your staff isn’t up to speed on how to operate it. Therefore, we always make ourselves available to our clients for extra training and support. You can feel at ease working with STC for all of your audio and visual needs. We’ll be your business partner every step of the way!
Tech Support and Installation
Services we offer. At STC, we are able to supply our clients with a full line of hi-tech equipment, ranging from speakers and mixers, consoles and amplifiers, to intercom and video systems. As a client of Systems Technology Corp, you will always have the latest technology at your fingertips. You can choose from top manufacturers such as EAW, EV, Shure, Crown, QSC, JBL, NEC, TOA, Blonder Tongue, AMX and many more. Our certified technicians are always available to repair your equipment, no matter who installed your system. We are aware that downtime isn’t an option and complete most of our repairs within 48-72 hours. Our short turnaround ensures that you are able to do business with minimal interruption. We provide all of our customers with a 24 hour help desk. This is a toll free number for all of your after hours calls. You can reach us at 1.770-414-8111.
Services we offer. At STC, we believe in hiring the best of the best. All of our technicians are certified in order to ensure that you receive excellent workmanship. Your audio, video and communications solution will be installed properly and in a timely manner. Our technicians also take the time to train you on your new equipment. We believe that is imperative that each client understands how to best use their specially designed system. After all, your new communications system isn’t much of a solution if you don’t know how to properly operate it. It is our goal for everyone responsible for using your equipment to be completely trained with all of the features of the system. Once your specially designed technology solution has been installed, we will take as much time as needed to ensure everyone is comfortable with the new technology. As always, ongoing training is available.
Hospital Technology
Services we offer. Hospital Technology is a specialized area that STC knows very well. From patient room hospital-grade televisions with satellite feeds to on-call nurse communications systems, we understand the need to provide exceptional and consistent service to your patients. We value our relationships with medical facilities and management leaders and we work closely with you to determine the best multi-functional solutions that streamline communication processes for staff and increase customer satisfaction from patients.

  • • Hospital Grade TV’s
  • • On-call Nurse communication systems
  • • Digital Displays
  • • Dialysis low-voltage televisions
Consulting Engineering Design Tech Support and Installation Training Hospital Technology


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