Commercial Audio Installation

Commercial Audio Installation Services

Not getting enough sound from your existing system?


STC can provide professional installation and service for a myriad of audio systems including:


  • • Live sound reinforcement
  • • Distribution (70V ceiling speakers)
  • • Recording studio
  • • Intercom (paging, peer to peer, door entry)
  • • Not sure of complete sound coverage?


Our professional staff has the knowledge and industry experience with commercial audio installation to ensure that all of your audio visual needs are met. Our guarantee to you is an audio system that is effective, audible and intelligible. We make sure that every detail is taken into consideration, from concept to completion.


We even take our service a step farther by performing a thorough analysis of your environment to ensure total coverage. Through computer applications and algorithms, we ensure total coverage in all audible frequencies. This allows you peace of mind that every time you use your audio system you will have great sound.


What exactly is audio-visual technology? We hear this term often tossed about without a solid definition to give it weight. Working through etymology alone, we can come to a rough understanding of what all is meant by the phrase audio-visual. However, a better understanding is best formed through a review of the origins and past history of AV technology.

Contact us today to custom design your one-of-a-kind audio system!


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commercial audio installation


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