Audio Video Streaming Services

Audio Video Streaming Services. At STC, our commercial audio installation team designs and scrutinizes every aspect of potential audio-visual system options to ensure that the final design exactly matches our clients’ requirements. Our guarantee to you is an audio system that is effective, audible and intelligible. Starting with a strong foundation, we consider the platform on which the audio-visual technology will be built. Next, we consider the end result: what is your purpose for this particular AV system? Taking your requirements into consideration, we browse through the latest, greatest technological tools out there, then select and install the AV technologies that are most appropriate for your communication needs. We have more than a decade of working with churches and corporate entities in providing video streaming services.


Using Computer Applications – Audio Video Streaming Services

Audio Video Streaming Services. Through computer applications and algorithms, we ensure total coverage in all audible frequencies. For instance, when sound is transmitted via AV equipment in a large room, the physical environment plays a significant role in speech intelligibility. Finding a happy medium between the two elements of acoustics and intelligibility is a tricky task. These two dynamics have to coexist in order to best communicate with your audience. Within Corporate America, the AV distributing factor often takes prominence. How do you plan to distribute audio-visual content? Record it? Broadcast it? Play it live? These types of environments are typically more controlled and can be fine-tuned to produce the best sound quality possible. If you rely on video-conferencing as a communication tool, you will want to avoid all those aggravating glitches and lags. Through our understanding of what all tools are available, we can address common issues such as video delays before they ever have a chance to arise, in this case by installing a special processor that synchs audio and video feeds.


Understanding Commercial Audio Installations

Audio Video Streaming Services. Our commercial audio design and installation contractors stay ahead of the curve, keeping up with the technology of the present and prepping for the future. We take multiple IT systems and put them together onto one distributive platform all based on our clients’ audio-visual demands. With our years of experience, we can approach a job and expertly size up the audio-visual installation situation, determining how to overcome environmental factors likely to interfere with sound intelligibility, developing a comprehensive approach that actualizes your AV visions, and installing the highest quality technology available.

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