Video Consultants

Video Conferencing Services


In the past few years, video conferencing services have evolved by leaps and bounds. The grainy quality of yesteryear’s footage has been replaced with gigabytes of high-tech video recordings. Yet, with this decreased graininess comes production issues. Video takes up space, and high-quality video can be difficult to manipulate. Do you plan to project videos on a large presentation screen, post them to the web, make them accessible to handheld devices? At STC, our A/V consultants possess the paramount knowledge and experience to create dependable video solutions that meet our clients’ specifications.

Video Conferencing for Business


At STC, we design custom-built video conferencing services for a variety of communication needs, from corporate video conferences to entertainment events to classroom technology requirements to satellite installations and CCTV distribution.


As more and more employees opt to work from home, companies must keep up with technology trends designed to improve communication, quality, and productivity within the workforce. Businesses of all sizes and sectors have realized the importance of implementing video conferencing tools to connect a widely-dispersed network of employees and clients. With the right A/V system equipment, businesses can increase efficiency and revenue.


Video Conferencing in Schools


With the ever-increasing integration of technology in educational environments, academic organizations now provide courses and seminars in a vast variety of formats—both distance-learning and technology-enhanced. In order to be conducive to learning, the modern classroom must be projection-capable, meeting the A/V system design specifications that are necessary for creating a technology-enhanced environment. Instructors and students must have access to a classroom system that has internet access, data/video projection for overhead, high-definition audio capability, and wireless internet availability.


As in all cases, our A/V consultants do the research to determine what technologies are currently available and how best to integrate these within A/V systems customized to supply you with the tools you need to communicate effectively with your audience. When you choose STC, you’re choosing a partner that is an industry leader, dedicated to helping you succeed in whatever A/V communication tasks you undertake.


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